Ive been LDS for 30+ years, served a mission, and was married in the cours de chant rive sud temple. I will tell you that nothing this author wrote is false. I might counter that not all beliefs are created equal.

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  • It is so true that God is looking at our hearts, and if we choose to worship with or without instruments, it doesn’t matter so long as our hearts are in the right place and have a desire to worship God.
  • And superchurches (plus soon-to-be-superchurches) realized early that contemporary worship made nonchurched people feel far more “at home” than a strict diet of hymns.
  • The argument that PSALLO/PSALMOS include the use of instruments is based on misuse of Greek lexicons.
  • I will tell you that nothing this author wrote is false.
  • I am no longer doing just what God said (sing, speak, etc.).

With that thought and that idea in mind, there are people that are gifted but may not ever get the stage because of one man’s agenda or an industry agenda for that season. And it might rightfully not be their time, of course, but God creates opportunity and space. Those who have been used to informal, Spirit-led worship and the use of spiritual gifts do not want to go back to a formal, ritualised service with no free expression of their love of God. But they want to avoid the revival excesses as well. Frequently they end up nowhere, just sharing with family members or one or two others who feel the same way. Some Christians today feel they don’t know how to share the love of Jesus to people outside the church.

Sustain Your Prayer Life With Sleep

Because it’s true, nobody except true Mormons believe that. But then I see other sectors of Christianity go” Mormonism is crazy look at what those people believe”. And hear I am looking at them and going Well wtf, you’re the reason they even have an idea of Christ in the first place. Their the crazies, but you’re the crazy makers. And then you have the balls to say, well we’re not them so we must be the right answer.


Its only turns to hell when our spirits cant choose their own path. Looks like hell to me. we all hate each other, nothing but killins and negativity on tv. Lets make sure we keep it up, slavery, and fear..

Of All The Musical Instruments That May Be Employed In The Praise Of God, The Human Voice Has Priority

However revelations of this magnitude are suppose to be inserted as scripture. Instead they simply edited their “scriptures” and created doublespeak and changed its meaning to soften the embarrassing doctrine. They simply marketed themselves of their obvious man-made doctrine. In the days where the Mormon church is accused of espousing slavery virtually every other church did the same.

How Was Music Outside The Churchproduced During The Middle Ages?​

Let’s stay focused on the main thing, and that is Christ crucified, the hope of glory. Evaluating and choosing music for Christian worship should be a careful process, guided primarily by theological considerations. Pastors, consistories, musicians, choir directors, and worship committees may be aided in this process by being attentive to the following suggested guidelines. The commission also invites responses to these guidelines, especially from those congregations that can suggest additional or alternative criteria for selecting hymns or a hymnal. The church’s ministry of song is for the glory of God. Of all the art forms that may be employed in worship, singing is especially corporate.

Part 1: Evidence Against Instrumental Praise

We are not given a bill or set amount for payment. If we choose to hire the musicians or cantors for the ceremony, then they function as “vendors” and have established fees based on their service role. It would have cost us $500 to have the ceremony at our reception venue.